2008 overview – my favorite wedding images

As most of you already know, I work as a wedding photographer in New Jersey.  This slideshow displays some of my favorite images from weddings I photographed in 2008.  A number of the images where chosen because they I think they are beautiful to look at; others might evoke a fond memory of a cute moment; but they are all images that I am proud to have taken. I decided to limit it to 3 images per wedding, and with only a handful of photographs from engagement sessions.

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  1. 1Frank says

    Beautiful pictures!

    You seem to have a preference of tilting your photos slightly to the left. Any particular reason?

    If you make a tilted photo, do you take both straight, right and left tilt and select the best one afterwards, or do you decide while shooting?

  2. 2Rich says

    They are all superb images, one of the most useful insights into someone elses wedding photography I have seen in a long time. How many wedding a year do you do?

  3. 3 says

    Hi there Frank ..

    I’ve been told by other photographers as well that I tend to tilt the camera. I don’t particularly see that though. I really do try and stay away from a ‘reflexive’ way of tilting the camera .. as some photographers seem to be doing where every image is given a pronounced “arty” slant.

    For me, and tilting has to make visual sense. But in that, I also don’t analyze why I do something with photographic composition. I want to keep it organic on some level, where I emotionally or instinctively somehow react to the scene or the subject.

    I did write some about tilted compositions earlier on, where I did try to analyze why some tilts would work better than a more straight-forward approach.

    Neil vN

  4. 4Tina says

    I’m a big fan of yours. Your techniques are very effective. the pictures are so beautiful…very natural!!!!….Again, I highly admire your work! one of these days I will be able to attend your workshop so I can learn more from you.

  5. 6Ovidiu says

    Stunning. How do you deal with couples that don’t want to pose? I found that women in Ireland don’t really want to pose. The moment you try to get them to pose they run away :)

  6. 7 says

    Ovidiu .. I think it is largely a matter of whether a bride is drawn to your style or not, and you explaining during the consultation that it does need some directing on your part, and some setting up.

    I suspect that many (if not most) brides who want a photo-journalistic representation of their wedding, is more after a story-telling approach in the photography, than hardcore PJ. And for me, that story-telling does involve a little bit of nudging at times, and directing of the couple, especially during the portrait session.

    And it also has to do with your own approach. Aside from the family portraits (which I don’t heavily pose either), I don’t do much posing of the client. But I do direct and guide. It’s a collaborative venture between the couple and the photographer. And I explain it as such during the consultation.

    Neil vN

  7. 8Dennison Uy says

    Perfection! How I wish there was an explanation attached to each image explaining why it is a favorite. Thanks for sharing these splendid photos!

  8. 9 says

    I love these pictures and am a big fan Neil.

    How long do you usually spend with the couple after the ceremony?

    I usually run out of time before they have to go sit down and eat and am always being chased by the venue.

    Thanks for the post, I can see why they are your favourites.


  9. 14Fred says


    I’m really glad I stumbled upon your site from a forum I was visiting. I love finding great photographers that are willing to share their hard earned skills and techniques. I’m always trying to learn something new and your site is a treasure trove of information. I’m good but not as good as you…(yet!)

    By the way, that instrumental on your slideshow is great. Where can I find that tune and what is the name?

    keep up the great work,

  10. 16Jason Smith says

    Have learnt a lot from your site and blog.

    These images are gorgeous. I can see with many of the you are shooting into the sun which creates that beautiful rim lighting although your subjects are still lit with some fill.

    Are you using a Nikon Speedlight for these ones or something with a bit more grunt…

  11. 17 says

    Jason .. thank you.

    For these images, when I’m outdoors, it is nearly always on-camera speedlights for flash. But I take care to consider the available light, and enhance the available light with flash.

    In that, I usually position my subjects or myself in relation to the light.

    Indoors, it’s a variety .. mostly on-camera speedlight, but often enough off-camera Q-flashes.

    Neil vN

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