book: On-Camera Flash (revised edition)

On-Camera Flash Photography

On-Camera Flash Photography – revised edition

This is a comprehensively revised edition of the best-selling book on flash photography. The book is based on material that I have honed over numerous workshops, and expanded on by articles and tutorials published on this website. The material has been expanded into a cohesive and thorough approach to getting the best from your on-camera speedlight.

Particular care was taken to present it all with a logical flow with the intention that it will all progressively help the reader attain a better understanding of flash photography.

You can either purchase a copy via Amazon USA or Amazon UK.
The book is slated for a Nov 2015 release.

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more info: On-Camera Flash Photography

Based on the best-selling 1st edition, this is more than just a cosmetic overhaul. Combining older material which have been polished and streamlined, with lots of new material and trawling the Tangents blog for the best material.

At 35,000 words (the maximum the publisher would allow me), this is a concise introduction to on-camera flash photography, with the accent on demystifying flash. I concentrated on bounce flash photography for the latter half of the book, since I strongly believe that is where the magic lies with using on-camera flash.

One way in which this book has been radically changed from the first edition, is that it is now more of a work-book. There are several examples where you have to have your camera (and flash) in your hands, to step through the instruction. All the better to make sense of flash photography, and become confident in the use of flash photography.


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