photo session: a lazy afternoon


just a lazy afternoon photo session, using an LED video light

all images:  1/400 @ f1.2 @ 1250 ISO

Canon 5D mk II (B&H);  Canon 85mm f1.2 II (B&H)
Litepanels MicroPro (B&H)

model: Jess B


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  1. 8Jonny says

    Jess is a very beautiful woman, always pleased to see more photos of her on your blog Neil, never seen a bad one yet even when she’s just holding a softbox in a setup shot :) I’d consider hiring you just in the hope she would be helping you out… first in this sequence is my fav.

    Do you find the video lights easier to work with from the point of view that you don’t need to visualize the final image so much as you would with a strobe when setting up the shot? Does it take less time to get the light just how you want it as you can see the results up front?

  2. 9 says

    The WYSIWYG nature of video light does help in fine-tuning the light while shooting. This does make it easier to do micro-adjustments while shooting, especially if an assistant is holding the light.

    If you want to forego this kind of dramatic light, and interesting interplay between available light and (video) light .. then the easiest and fastest way of using additional light is probably a flash with softbox or umbrella … you get beautiful soft light every time. And it is very easy and quick to set up flash like this. But it does look very different though.

    Neil vN

  3. 12 says

    Is there a disount on Portraiture 2 if we order through your site? I know there is for Topaz, but unsure about Portraiture and I really want it.


  4. 14 says

    Another excellent shoot.
    Looks like the video is coming from top left (facing Jess).
    How far away was the video light from Jess ?
    Did you make any changes to shutter speed after metering the ambient ?


  5. 17Dave Sheppard says

    Neil I just brought my first LED video light after seeing and reading on your blog – you can get some every different shots using it along with the natural light, gives a totally different feel to flash and to bounced flash – your an inspiration once again mr. niekerk!! thank you

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