pin-up photography

pin-up photography

September 23, 2010

pin-up photography – white on white

I had the great pleasure last night of attending a meeting by the Hudson Valley Click – a lighting and photography group in the Hudson Valley area of NY. The motive behind their meetings and photo shoots is to bring photographers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists and fashion designers together on monthly themed events. All designed for learning and portfolio building.

My friend Peter Salo invited me to the 50’s style pin-up photography session that was held last night in Sandy O’Shea’s studio.  (Sandy, thanks for allowing us to create havoc.)  There were four models, and there were make-up artists and hair stylists.

Along with the photos of two of the models shown here, there is also this pull-back shot of how I set up the lighting for these images …

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pin-up style photo session – a hot day

Continuing on with the pin-up series with Jessica, we decided on the concept for this session as ‘A Hot Day’. Skimpy summer holiday clothing; ice cream; a fan (with the blades made whirly in Photoshop) .. and incongruously, one of my cats walking through the set, looking for attention …

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The first time I became aware of the pin-up artwork of Alberto Vargas was with the release of the album, Candy-O, by the Cars in ’79. It was often mentioned how Vargas was brought out of semi-retirement to create this image.

With that, my interest in pin-up artwork by the legends, Vargas and by Gil Elvgren, was fired up.

This will also explain why I’ve been a fan of the photography of Robert Alvarado ever since I first saw his work. He clearly pays homage to those two artists.

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