book review: boudoir photography, by Critsey Rowe

boudoir photography

Boudoir photography seems to have a surge in popularity in the past years. More and more interest by photographers – and it’s no wonder. As much as boudoir is a fascinating genre, it is also quite challenging.

The pressure is on *you* as the photographer to get the best images you can of someone who is most likely feeling quite vulnerable. So not only are your lighting skills and posing skills and your general skill as a photographer tested … your people skills really need to kick into gear too. Boudoir photography is personal photography on so many levels.

book review: boudoir photography, by Critsey Rowe

Subtitled, the complete guide to shooting intimate portraits, Cristsey Rowe really did aspire to write a book on the topic that covers every aspect of boudoir photography thoroughly.

This 156 page book covers topics such as obtaining locations, hair & make-up, wardrobe, accessories. Topics which are a good introduction to the mind-set that it is more to this than just the actual picture-taking. Other topics include lighting, whether studio or just available light; and also equipment choice.

The 30 pages devoted as a posing reference is the core of the book, in my regard. Posing the boudoir client is where the photo session can easily come unglued. While under pressure, you can easily run out of ideas with a momentary “brain-freeze”. Therefore, it is essential for a boudoir photographer to have a repertoire of ideas on hand to use. Attention is also given in this chapter to corrective posing, and working with a plus sized client.

The chapter on post-processing is also an important one. In my experience, boudoir photography’s biggest time drain is the time spent in front of the computer, carefully retouching the images. The other chapters in the book cover the actual photo session, and the presentation afterwards.

Such a thorough overview of the subject would of course be less appealing if the book didn’t contain numerous sexy and alluring photos. The printing is also of a high standard.

For a look inside the book, check the Amazon link:
Boudoir Photography: The Complete Guide to Shooting Intimate Portraits

My final summary – right now, this is in my opinion the best book available on the topic of boudoir photography, bar none. Highly recommended.


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  1. 2Mary-Claire says

    I second MvH’s opinion! I looked at the preview of the book–it looks like it’s going to be really handy to have. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. 3 says

    Thanks for this review Neil, I have had this on my wish list on amazon for a while and will prob take it up soon. Looks like a good book and knowing it gets your thumbs up give me confidence! :-)

    Keep up the outstanding work.

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