flash photography workshop – Charlotte, NC – July 25, 2015 (Sat)

The workshop is on! Only 3 spots left. 

A group of photographers in Charlotte asked if I would like to present a flash photography workshop there. After some to-and-fro, we’ve arranged for a really nice venue, and settled on a date – July 25th (Sat). Everything is in place for this to happen – the first workshop away from NJ / NY since the workshop in Amsterdam two years ago.

A few details:
The workshop will be limited to 12 people.
There will be two models.
The fee for the workshop is $600 per person.
The workshop will start at 9am, and end at 8pm.

Here is a description of the workshop syllabus. The workshop is aimed at having everyone come away from the workshop, confident in the use of flash photography. We’ll make sure those aha! moments happen.

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Photography Workshops (NYC / NJ) for 2015

The flash photography workshops are full-day events – and are a mixture of seminar presentation and practical shooting. The workshops will be held at my studio space in NJ. There is free parking, and it is easily reached from the main highways in the area. There is also regular bus transport from NYC. (We can fetch you from the bus terminal.)

The fee for the full-day workshop is $600 and the workshop is from 9am to 8pm. Lunch and refreshments are included!

The workshops are now limited to 6 people – and working within my own studio with more equipment readily at hand, gave the workshop a relaxed tempo. The material is always streamlined a little bit more, from workshop to workshop.

More info about the photography workshops.

The workshops for 2015 will take place on:

  • May 17, 2015  (Sunday)
  • July 19, 2015  (Sunday)
  • Sept 20, 2015  (Sunday)

Book a spot at one of the workshops.
Each class will be limited to 6 people.
(Here are recaps of previous photography workshops.)


Photo Walks in NYC

The Photo Walks are new additions to the photography workshops. With the Photo Walk, we will photograph a model around a colorful, interesting part of New York City. We will roam around looking for photogenic urban backdrops to photograph the model against.

The group will be limited to just 4 photographers, so it won’t be crowded. We will also work at a relaxed tempo, so that I can attend to everyone and help everyone get amazing images. There will be an assistant to carry and hold the light for us. We just get to shoot and have fun!

I will provide the Profoto B1 flash, and will have enough Nikon and Canon wireless TTL triggers for the Profoto so that everyone can shoot individually.

  • New York,  August 1, 2015  (Sat),  3-5pm  –  2 spots left
  • New York,  October 3, 2015  (Sat),  3-5pm  –  only 1 spot left
  • New York,  October 24, 2015  (Sat),  3-5pm  –  only 1 spot left

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book On-Camera Flash Photography  (2nd ed.)

If you think I’ve been quiet on the Tangents blog the past few months … here is the reason why: I’ve been hard at work on the revised edition of On-Camera Flash Photography …  it’s just been announced for a Nov 2015 release date, and is available on pre-order with Amazon. I really am excited about this updated version of the best-selling book!

On-Camera Flash Photography (2nd edition)  – Amazon USA

On-Camera Flash Photography (2nd edition)  – Amazon UK

Based on the best-selling 1st edition, this is more than just a cosmetic overhaul. Combining older material which have been polished and streamlined, with lots of new material and trawling the Tangents blog for the best material.

At 35,000 words (the maximum the publisher would allow me), this is a concise introduction to on-camera flash photography, with the accent on demystifying flash. I concentrated on bounce flash photography for the latter half of the book, since I strongly believe that is where the magic lies with using on-camera flash.

One way in which this book has been radically changed from the first edition, is that it is now more of a work-book. There are several examples where you have to have your camera (and flash) in your hands, to step through the instruction. All the better to make sense of flash photography, and become confident in the use of flash photography.

For those of you who had asked for the images in the video of the review: comparing various light modifiers for on-camera flash – they are in the book!

The cover image was specifically decided on, and shot for this cover. I wanted an image that is striking. It really had to stand out. And it had to be truly illustrative of the beautiful light you can easily create with just your on-camera flash.

Here is how it came about …

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recap: workshop wedding photography, style & technique – April, 2015

In this wedding photography workshop, we will discuss real-world practical steps to help you develop and achieve a personal style in wedding photography. We will also discuss photography techniques, as well as topics such as posing and lighting. We will cover various other aspects that photographers can work on and develop, so that they aren’t overwhelmed and daunted by the wedding day.

Please note that this seminar is about the techniques and styles of wedding photography, and isn’t a seminar on business and marketing per se, although we will touch on those topics.

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photography book: Direction & Quality of Light

When Direction and Quality of Light was released in March 2013, it felt like an even bigger achievement than my previous two books. Here I share many of the “aha!” moments which took me years to completely grasp – that at the heart of it, every aspect of photographic lighting is dependent on understanding the direction and quality of light.

I do believe this book can make a difference to your photography. I’m that confident about it.

All the more amazing to see that 2 years later, this book is still bouncing up and down at (or near) the top slot on Amazon for Best Sellers in Photography Lighting. When I took this screen capture today, it was in position #1, although this list does fluctuate daily. It really feels good to see that the book is still popular. And it feels good to see that it is up there with the best authors and photographers.

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My latest book is now available!
Lighting & Design for Portrait Photography

A follow-up of sorts to Direction & Quality of Light, this new book is now available on Amazon and bookstores. It’s a slightly eclectic mix, showing and discussing the thought-process with portraits. The examples use available light, bounce flash, off-camera flash as well as studio lighting.

The idea is that in every one of the 60 sections, there is something to be learnt and applied, regardless of your level as a photographer or where you shoot.

Some of the material has appeared on Tangents before, but has been shaped to form a cohesive narrative arc throughout the book. About 50% is new material.

Order directly from Amazon USA or Amazon UK.

Alternately, if you want, order an autographed copy.


video clip: Direction & Quality of Light – your key to better portrait photography

The video clip of the presentation I did at B&H to promote my book – Direction of Light – has by now been viewed more than 137,000 times since it was posted in January 2013 !!

But as the saying inevitably goes, the book is always better than the movie. So in case you haven’t seen the video clip yet, it is a good introduction to the book, while also taking a few detours along the way. If you liked the video clip, the book contains even more, and for less than $20, you can own and hold and touch and smell the book. All yours!

You can order it from Amazon via this link,
or even directly order an autographed copy from me via the same link.

And for those of you who have already bought the book, a big thank you! The support is always appreciated. And if I could ask a small favor – a nice review on Amazon always helps.

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studio photography: never shoot at 320 ISO @ f/5.6 against white seamless

…  because Amazon’s patent on how to shoot against a white background, 
(with camera settings given as “about 320 ISO” and “about f/5.6″ ) 
has been granted to them by the US Patents office

Yes, I know, this makes no sense. One of the oldest studio photography techniques – shooting against a white backdrop – has been patented by Amazon. 

Udi Tirosh at DIY photo reported on this.

So I guess the easiest way to circumvent this, (aside from easily proving prior use), would be to shoot at … let’s say 100 ISO @ f/8 in the studio?

Oh, perhaps not:

“It should be noted that angles, dimensions, distances, settings, parameters, and other numerical data may or may not be expressed herein in a range format. It is to be understood that the numerical data is presented herein and used for convenience and brevity, and thus, should be interpreted in a flexible manner to include not only the numerical values explicitly recited as the only workable parameters, but also to include all the individual numerical values that can be employed in a studio arrangement 100 to achieve the desired effect discussed herein.”


I wonder if this will all fall apart when the first photographer sued by Amazon simply shows prior use?

What is your take on this ridiculousness?


The Business of Boudoir

Petra Herrmann, (who you might remember from the guest article, increase your sales in boudoir photo sessions), and Lynn Clark, (who you might remember as the subject of photo homage: a regal portrait with a ferret), have teamed up for a new website dedicated to one topic – The Business of Boudoir.

The Business of Boudoir, is a free resource for boudoir photographers worldwide who share an interest in the beauty and art of this genre  – but with a specific intent: building and maintaining sustainable businesses. Their scope is broad enough that they want as many perspectives as possible, to allow you, the boudoir photographer, to create a business that works for you. So check them out.

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photography: my 2013 overview

December 30, 2013

2013 end-of-year overview

The slideshow is of my work the past year – a somewhat eclectic mix of photos of people – portraits, weddings, engagement sessions, as well as images shot for various projects and some from the various workshops during the year. As you could perhaps see from that slideshow, the past year has been a wild ride again – and again I have to thank everyone who has followed and supported the Tangents blog (and forum). You helped make this site such a vibrant place.

A number of photos seen in that slideshow is from my next book, 60 Portraits, which should be completed early in 2014. A big thank you to everyone who offered and who participated in this project!

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