Photography workshops – NJ / NYC

flash photography workshops – NJ / NYC

Photography Workshops (NYC / NJ) for 2015

The flash photography workshops are full-day events – and are a mixture of seminar presentation and practical shooting. The workshops will be held at my studio space in NJ. There is free parking, and it is easily reached from the main highways in the area. There is also regular bus transport from NYC. (We can fetch you from  Read more inside...

recap: Photography workshop – Charlotte, NC (2015)

flash photography workshop

recap: Photography workshop - Charlotte, NC (2015)

A group of photographers in Charlotte asked if I would like to present a flash photography workshop there. We arranged a really nice venue - The Getty Center, in Rock Hill, SC -  and settled on a date, July 25th (Sat). Everything in place for this, the first workshop away from NJ / NY since the workshop in Amsterdam  Read more inside...

book: On-Camera Flash Photography (2nd ed.)

book: On-Camera Flash Photography (2nd ed.)

book On-Camera Flash Photography  (2nd ed.)

If you think I've been quiet on the Tangents blog the past few months ... here is the reason why: I've been hard at work on the revised edition of On-Camera Flash Photography ...  it's just been announced for a Nov 2015 release date, and is available on pre-order with Amazon. I really am excited about this updated version of  Read more inside...

recap: workshop – Wedding photography, style & technique

workshop: wedding photography, style & technique

recap: workshop - Wedding photography, style & technique - April, 2015

In this wedding photography workshop, we will discuss real-world practical steps to help you develop and achieve a personal style in wedding photography. We will also discuss photography techniques, as well as topics such as posing and lighting. We will cover various other aspects that  Read more inside...

Photography book – Direction & Quality of Light

photography book: Direction & Quality of Light

Photography book: Direction & Quality of Light

When Direction and Quality of Light was released in March 2013, it felt like an even bigger achievement than my previous two books. Here I share many of the "aha!" moments which took me years to completely grasp - that at the heart of it, every aspect of photographic lighting is dependent on understanding the  Read more inside...

you’ve seen the movie; now read the book!

video clip: Direction & Quality of Light - your key to better portrait photography

The video clip of the presentation I did at B&H to promote my book - Direction of Light - has by now been viewed more than 137,000 times since it was posted in January 2013 !! But as the saying inevitably goes, the book is always better than the movie. So in case you haven't seen  Read more inside...

the business of boudoir

The Business of Boudoir

Petra Herrmann, (who you might remember from the guest article, increase your sales in boudoir photo sessions), and Lynn Clark, (who you might remember as the subject of photo homage: a regal portrait with a ferret), have teamed up for a new website dedicated to one topic - The Business of Boudoir. The Business of Boudoir, is a free resource  Read more inside...

photography: my 2013 overview

2013 end-of-year overview

The slideshow is of my work the past year - a somewhat eclectic mix of photos of people - portraits, weddings, engagement sessions, as well as images shot for various projects and some from the various workshops during the year. As you could perhaps see from that slideshow, the past year has been a wild ride again - and again I have to thank  Read more inside...