multiple speedlight / flashgun mounting bracket

dual or triple speedlight / flashgun mounting bracket

I use a multiple flash mounting bar during workshops where I need to have a diverse number of setups running simultaneously, but something more compact is also useful. In that article, I listed other flash mounting devices that allow multiple speedlights to be hooked up on one light-stand. Since then, I’ve discovered this triple flash mounting connector – Triple Flash/Umbrella Mount (vendor) –  and it is superior to  others that I’ve tried.

What sets the Triple Flash/Umbrella Mount (vendor) from other similar devices, is that the flash cold shoe can be rotated. This doesn’t seem like much, but when you try and add wireless flash transmitters like the PocketWizard TT5, then the bulk of those wireless transmitters get in the way. By rotating the flash trigger by 90 degrees, you can more easily accommodate two or three wireless triggers and the speedlights. You then simply rotate the flash heads to have the flashes point in the correct direction – into your umbrella.

It’s a simple tweak to this kind of device, but it makes all the difference when using multiple speedlights with wireless triggers, on a single umbrella.

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  1. 2Alfredo Medina says

    Hi Neil,

    You consider that the Locking Shoes are safe or is it better to replace them with the Frio locking?.

  2. 5 says

    Thanks for posting this Neil. I have been kicking around what to get for sometime. I just hate buying and not liking. I think this will work nicely for the weddings when some extra punch is needed.

  3. 6 says

    Wow, the RPS mount is rather inexpensive! I was expecting an expensive mount, but that is something even a non-pro like me can get. Thanks for sharing the find.

  4. 7Eric Skagen says

    Hi Neil, it’s also handy for rotating the flash sensors toward the master flash when using, for example, Nikon’s CLS system.

  5. 9 says

    This is a great piece of kit, Neil. I’ve use one on location and being able to shoot f11 at iso 100 with 3 speedlights setup and an umbrella against the sun, is really something.

    I do want to share some information about this product. From my experience, the bottom hole where you screw the monopod/flash holder, will become loose overtime because it is made from plastic. One trick I use to overcome this is to stick some thin needles into the side of the hole, so when I screw it in, the needles will prevent the flash holder to running loose.

    Some things I would like to know is, do you have plan do comparison using collapsible softbox (like the one phottix sold) when using single and triple speedlights?

    Also, do you have suggestion when using monopod with triple speedlight setup and a collapsible softbox, what are the minimum weight the monopod should be able to handle?


  6. 10 says

    I’ve also got one of these, and as an earlier commenter noted, I have swapped the ‘stock’ shoes for Frios. Holds three FlexTT5s and SB-900’s like a champ.

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