photography: combining video light and daylight

photography: combining video light and daylight for photography

An image from the most recent workshop, held in Jersey City – our model, Catherine, lit by a combination of daylight coming in through the window, and a video light held aloft. The careful use of the different color balance of daylight vs video light, gives this image its arresting palette. I did make sure that her face was mostly lit by video light, for a uniform color there. The camera was set to Tungsten WB – the preset appropriate for a video light.

The background is the Manhattan Skyline.  It is blown out because it is much brighter than what the video light is capable of.  But it does help in giving this photo a certain ethereal quality.

equipment: Canon 5D;  Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II;  Lowell ID-Light as video light.

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  1. 1Suraj Joshee says


    Fantastic image! I love the color contrast between the warm video light and the cool blue of the daylight accenting her back, shoulders, arms and hair. It really helps sculpt her figure for that 3d look! I love your website and I have learned a lot from here. This blog is almost like a non stop online workshop. Thanks.

  2. 3Victor Augusteo says

    this is a very nice light combination neil. I really love how the color balance mixed together. I have yet to use any video light for photography, and this certainly makes me wants to try :)

  3. 5Jeff says

    A Canon 5D?

    Seems Neil is a closet Canon shooter.
    Photos with a 5D here and a recent review of a Canon lens makes you wonder…

  4. 6Neil vN says

    I do maintain a small Canon system. Mostly because I want the material on this site, and specifically the workshop, to be equipment non-specific. So I want to remain au fait with both major systems.

    Also, I’m a gear hound. ; )

    Neil vN

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