recap: workshop – Wedding photography, style & technique

recap: workshop – Wedding photography, style & technique – April, 2015

In this wedding photography workshop, we will discuss real-world practical steps to help you develop and achieve a personal style in wedding photography. We will also discuss photography techniques, as well as topics such as posing and lighting. We will cover various other aspects that photographers can work on and develop, so that they aren’t overwhelmed and daunted by the wedding day.

Please note that this seminar is about the techniques and styles of wedding photography, and isn’t a seminar on business and marketing per se, although we will touch on those topics.

workshop date & details

I’m presenting a workshop on wedding photography on:
Sunday, on April 26, 2015 at Unique Photo in Fairfield NJ.
12:00pm – 4:30pm


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video tutorials – wedding photography

If you like learning by seeing best, then these video tutorials will help you with understanding photography techniques and concepts. While not quite hands-on, this is as close as we can get to personal instruction. Check out these and other video tutorials and online photography workshops.

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  1. 3Jen Klinetop says

    I’m very interested!! I’m very new to photography and especially wedding photography. I have been a second shooter on two weddings and would love to understand more. Is this seminar good for beginners and would I need to bring any gear? How many spots are available?

  2. 4 says

    Hi there Jen … the seminar is intended to help the newer photographers. It is only a seminar presentation. No shooting. But bring your camera anyway.

    We are aiming at maxing it at 80 attendees.

  3. 6Carl says

    i really wish you would come to los Angeles for seminars! i will just keep learning from the blog and rereading the books and shooting.


  4. 10Jen Klinetop says

    Thanks, Neil! I hope to get my seat right after the holidays. I’m excited to learn from you. I have your On Camera Flash book and have been reading your tangents. Thanks, I look forward to meeting you.


  5. 12 says

    We had around 60 people there, and the place was packed! We over-ran by more than an hour – there was so much material to go through and a lot of questions.

    Thank you to everyone who attended. It was a great afternoon getting to meet some of you. Best of luck with your future endeavors.

  6. 13 says

    Hi Neil,

    I just wanted to take a few moments to congratulate you on a fine seminar today! ?

    It was very captivating and inspiring.

    You’ve verbally reinforced everything within the Tangents tutorials and then some.

    There were a few “O’h No” moments for me though, like when you mentioned your dislike and usefulness for the Gary Fong Dome Diffuser. I’m going to try and use the newly purchased Spinlight360 Extreme system instead from now-on. It’s hard to break old habits!

    I also clutched my chest in dismay when you included the Nikon D300 as a sub-par performing professional camera for weddings. Unfortunately, I can’t afford another camera at this time, and probably won’t be able to for many years to come, given the astronomical price range of even the D800, not to mention the glass to match as you’ve named.

    I was also amazed, although not surprised, and admire the fact that you don’t spend any time in PS6 post-processing.

    However, I will take a lot of what you’ve talked about today for use in practical applications with regards to the various lighting types and techniques, posing and the usage of gels to name but a few hardcore tips mentioned at today’s seminar.

    All in all, it was wonderfully intuitive, educational experience for me, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to meet you in person and hear you speak today! ?

    Thank you so much,

    Best regards,

  7. 14 says

    Hi there Barry … Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation and found it helpful.

    Re your “Oh, no!” moments.

    The plastic diffusers that are generally sold as helpful devices for your flash, most often work against you, instead of helping you. So while there are times when such a diffuser helps, mostly it stops you from getting awesome, directional light from your on-camera flash.

    on-camera flash – throw away the tupperware!
    bounce flash photography tutorial

    Re the Nikon D300. Make no mistake, it is a fine camera. However, it has it’s limitations in terms of high-ISO capabilities compared to the likes of the D4 and D600. If your budget is limited, then a used D700 will already give you 1 stop better noise performance.

    It’s just that for low-light photography, such as weddings where we would ideally like to have your photography not obviously have flash – then the D300 is limited.

    Re my comment about Photoshop – this was regards to my initial workflow. I do use Photoshop .. just not for my initial wedding workflow. However, for finessing images for my blog or posting to Facebook, I do have to use Photoshop. I just thought I should add that distinction there.

    wedding photography: 3 tips to speed up your workflow

  8. 15Dennis Dempsey says

    When I heard you were having a seminar on wedding photography, I knew I had to attend! I had learned so much from you when I assisted you for that wedding late last year. I own a D700 and have both a D800 and D4 on consignment from Nikon, but they must be returned soon. Do you think if I purchased a D800 that would be acceptable for it’s high iso/low light performance or do I need to get a used D3s of D4? I also need to purchase the right glass and money is an issue for me.

  9. 16 says

    I haven’t directly compared the Nikon D4 to the Nikon D800, but by all accounts the D800 has excellent high-ISO noise performance. Also keep in mind that you have a massive file, and by the time it is resized, the appearance of the noise will most likely be on par with the D4 / D3s. So that wouldn’t really concern me.

    I chose the D4 for the smaller file size. For the work that I do, 36 megapixels are just too huge for a high-volume workflow.

  10. 17Brian says

    Just wanted to let you know that I was in your class tonight at Unique. (You signed my book, and thank you again!). We had an excellent time, and it was VERY well done, by far one of the best seminar/classes I have taken @ Unique. Although myself and business partner are still shooting crop body cameras we found your information, knowledge, style, and of course your images to be superb! Thank you for everything!

  11. 18 says

    I really got a lot out of Neil’s workshop on wedding photography. Neil provided technical insights on shooting weddings and a number of tips for being successful as a wedding photographer. I felt many of these tips would apply to any photography involving people as subjects. Neil also covered posing and lighting and a number of other topics that were well worth the price of admission. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about learning how to improve in wedding photography and other types of on-location photography techniques.

  12. 19 says

    I have followed Neil’s Tangents website for a few years now and have learned much from it and always enjoyed his perspective. Having the opportunity to attend a workshop on wedding photography by Neil was a wonderful opportunity. I would like to say that I really enjoyed the workshop and liked that you focused on the important aspects of wedding photography in a way that is able to be put to use right away. I also really appreciated you keeping focused on the reality of weddings and not filling it with fluff and idealized techniques. Thanks again and it was a pleasure to meet you.

  13. 20 says

    It’s a rare and welcome occasion when you find a very successful photographer who has years of practical experience and is so willing to share everything they know so that you too can become successful. That’s exactly what we have with Neil. His straightforward approach to wedding photography, and photography in general, is refreshing and actually simple. I’ve attended Neil’s Wedding Photography seminar and watched his “Posing The Family” wedding photography video (which is amazingly produced with so much more info than I expected) and absolutely recommend these to anyone. Thank you Neil!

  14. 21 says

    It was a real pleasure taking your wedding photography class in Fairfeild at uniquephoto and I appreciate you continuing for the extra hour it shows your love for the field thanks once again, I learned so much!

  15. 22 says

    I participated in your wedding photography class and enjoyed it immensely and learned a lot! I am currently going through some of your online video classes and they are even more in depth. Thank you thank you

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