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Humans Of New York: On how I approach strangers in the street

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
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  • ZenonZenon Member
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    Interesting. A good tie with Vivian Maier. I've been in several conversations about how she shot in a time where it was much easier to do this. Also there weren't many people doing it and with a twin reflex people may not have even realized what she was doing. These days the a risk of on being on the internet, worse social media and especially with kids. You can get people very angry. I'd love to do more but I am always self conscience and most of the time I back away. A telephoto comes in handy but you can't capture the environment as well.
  • Strange this shoyld come up here , weirdly my self is bottling it up to shoot random people on the streets for practise , Stuggling to find any one to practise on at home. ,, I did a mok run at kingston the other day and bottled it , so will try again some where in london. , interesting video neil , Zenon its nice to know im not alone. Good comment pal
  • check out the muppet bouncing flash at 7:45!
  • Hey brave heart thanks. I now know what spray and prey mean. Looking at that guy gives me loads of confidence. Cheeeeaars pal
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