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Profoto B1 or B2, if you have no assistant?

StrayShotsStrayShots Member
edited April 2015 in flash & lighting
Another question after watching your excellent writeup of the B2.  You said you prefer the B1 overall.  I'm wondering, though--if you had to do a shoot without an assistant, which would be better?  I love the B1 but it's such a monster, it's hard to imagine walking around city streets with it and a softbox on a stand.


  • I have the B1 and its not that big or heavy, I bet the B2 and the battery pack dangling would be more of a pita and half of the power. 
  • I totally agree with Shek33.  I have the B1 and I'm a solo shooter.  No assistant.  The B1 is the way to go.  The battery is attached to the unit and nothing dangles.  
  • Thanks, shek33 and PDH7981; good to hear from some B1 owners who've actually done it.  Still like to hear from a B2 owner, though. 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I would say a B2 if you want to be more secure that the flash won't topple over - it is really light. 

    My preference for the B1 over the B2, would mean that I would get the B1 in a heart-beat again ... and just make sure that I weight it down properly. 

    This thread shows which light modifiers I use - some on my own, some with an assistant holding it. 
    I feel like the 1x3 stripbox would be less likely to blow over than an umbrella which scoops the wind. 

  • Thanks, Neil.  I have a pair of the B1s and on a rational, orderly shoot they're a snap to handle alone.  I'm just wondering how they'd be on a run-and-gun like you did in the B2 review.  Not that I do all that many, so probably not worth the additional 2k. . .and I suspect my speedlights will cover most of the rare situations where I'd want that extra mobility.
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