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which Nikon flash?

Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
edited December 2010 in flash & lighting
Ung Soh Fong asked:

My name is Fong and I am new to the country and would like to start anew as a photographer (portraits & wedding). I attended your recent talk at B&H, which I enjoyed tremendously. I am very new to flash photography and found your idea of bouncing the flash light to the target was excellent, bordering to genius, in my honest opinion.

I would really appreciate if you could advise which TTL flash model you would recommend for my D700 (or the one you used at the talk). Also if there are other necessary accessories I should get with the flash - noted, I will get the hairband, yellow piece of tinted paper and what is that black thing you used to direct the flash light?

Thank you and I look forward to your reply.



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Hi there Fong ...

    I'm glad you enjoyed the seminar presentation. :)

    As to which flash you should get, I normally suggest getting the most powerful speedlight you can afford. Most forums seem to advise differently, but here is my reasoning:

    Neil vN
  • Neil,
    I noticed that it seems you are now only using Nikon's SB900. Do you use Quantum's anymore? I did noticed a while back that you sold several of your Quantum's on FM forum. Is there much of a difference in power from Quantum's compared to Nikon's SB900s. Also thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge on photography.

    Thank you,

    Kingdon H
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I still have and use three T2 Quantums, and a T5D-R quantum.
    I use the T2 flashes as off-camera manual flash units.
    These are my main flashguns when I need off-camera lighting at weddings and other shoots.
    They are real workhorses and just don't over-heat like a speedlight would.

    I haven't used the T5D-R in a while, and should probably think about selling it. I'll see.

    I do find the SB-900 and 580EXii type speedlights easier to work with and more flexible.
  • Neil could you please tell me what the difference is between the T2 and the T5D-R? The T2 is no longer available new, is that correct?

    I have been thinking about getting a quantum set up (T5D-R and turbo 3 battery) for a while now for off camera, I want more power for outdoors when it's sunny and I also want to run it hard and fast at times and have read it handles this type of use better than the sb900.

    But I have also read conflicting reports on just how powerful the T5D-R is, some people say no better than the sb900. I am wondering why you said about selling the T5D-R? is it not as powerful as the T2? or does it just have features you don't use?

    I have also noticed quantum have a 400 watt second flash (QFX5D-R). Maybe this is similar to the T2? and maybe I should be looking at that model? I have spoken with the only distributor where I live, but they know nothing about them except for the battery packs which people use with nikon and cannon speedlights.

    thanks for any help.

    BTW I recieved your book (on camera flash) and I'm really enjoying it, lots of great info but a good read too.


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