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  • Neil, I have an update on this. Recently I bought new cables for my 2x2s and and my SB-900s. They didn't work. I was able to return them, but a call to Quantum revealed that I was misinformed last year. The problem is not the cables, but the 2x2…
  • I find that focusing on the bridesmaid's hand on the groomsman's arm provides sufficient contrast to allow the AF to work. And, it is usually in the center of the image, so the most efficient focusing point will work well.
  • Try the TTL/BL setting on your SB900. This sometimes helps balance the foreground and the background. Also, the Nikon system has a separate metering system for the flash, independent of the ambient metering system. It is permanently set to the ce…
  • I had this issue and talked to the Quantum tech. It comes down to how old is your cable from the battery to SB900. A cable that works with an SB800 may not work with an SB900 as the pins in the SB900 are set further back into the port. It is conf…

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