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As an adjunct to the Tangents blog, the intention with this forum is to answer any questions, and allow a diverse discussion of topics related photography. With that, see it as an open invitation to just climb in and start threads and to respond to any threads.



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  • Allen, indeed. Got you.
  • sasko1 said: Hmm, isn't raising ISO lowering flash power? Or am I wrong? Raising ISO is lowering required flash power. That was what had me pondering at the start. ETTL will cut down the power used to get an even exposure. But what difference doe…
  • Ahah. Yes, of course. So essentially what you are saying is to still aim for -2EV to try to minimise motion but raise ISO to allow the flash to do more filling of the background. That's beginning to make sense. Thanks.
  • Which would explain why my "standard" settings work so well - I'm leaving most of the lighting to the flash. However, if the flash is doing the heavy lifting why bother with higher ISO at all? If I shoot in a room at ISO 800 f/5.6 and 1/200th and …

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