news: my own studio space!

Finally – my own studio area.

Today has been an exciting day – I signed the lease on a large studio space. I’ve been sharing studio space the last year, but it’s become obvious over time (even before then), that I really, really need my own space.

My own studio, and my own office area away from home. And here it is – the studio as it is now. Two iPhone photos just to show what it is. It is huge, and as you can see, lots of window light. And it’s just 10 minutes’ drive from my home here in New Jersey.

This was in February, and since then the studio has had a transformation. This is how it looks right now: NvN studio

I’m obviously very pleased with this. It would be more ideal to have the personal tutoring sessions here (than at my home, like previously). It will also be where I would hold the individual workshops.

This will hopefully be the start of even better things this year.


update: a week later

A few photos to show the progress during this first week:

The first morning, Monday, Feb 4th, with some stuff I dropped off last night, and a bunch more lighting gear that I dragged in today … and a new Apple Cinema display.

That same afternoon with a new shelving unit assembled. It’s still looking a little sad and empty.

That same first evening after the 2nd carload of stuff was unloaded. We’re getting there!

On Wednesday, Feb 6th – the carpeting is being installed in the area where I stood for this photo. I shifted all the gear and pieces of furniture to the other side. Just some extra furniture and the auto-poles, then I’m pretty much set up. Which should be by Friday hopefully.

This is all happening quite fast.

The other side of the studio where they just started laying down the carpeting.

The transformation continues. The carpet is in! The carpet fills half the space and completely changed the look of the place. The acoustics is hugely improved too. Next step, the rest of the furniture and two bookshelves.


update: 10 days later

I’m nearly there! The bookshelves are in place, and the canvases are up. Now just a few other items need to added, such as the lovely couch that is on its way.

This is the view along the one wall, as you enter the studio’s door. These 7′ tall display banners are intended for bridal shows, but they may as well serve a purpose here in the studio.


update: 2 weeks later

I’m settled in!


and I’m done!

Everything in place: furniture, 3 bookshelves w/ sample albums, brochures, books, etc.
(The one bookshelf just has photography books.)

Here is how it looks with the over-head house lights turned off. Cozy.


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  1. 9Bob Halloway says

    Congratulations Neil.You deserve your own studio space. I’m sure we will all benifit from the informative articals, tangents, and wonderful photos that will be created there.
    Congratulations again.

  2. 13Stavros says

    Best wishes Neil.

    Till now (since beginning of last year that I’m following your blog) I was happy with every post just for myself.
    But now, I am twice as happy because one of my mentor’s dream comes true.

  3. 14Pete says

    Congratulations Neil! Great news and good for you! Maybe an article on being a photographer without a studio/getting a studio could be interesting for everyone and you can share your experiences with us. Keep up the great photos and blog, I enjoy it. Cheers from London.

  4. 17Paul Hunter says

    Good luck – hope all goes well. Nice window light and will be great to see when you are fully set up and running :)

  5. 21james says

    Hello neil congratulations on your new studio :-) i have been watching your new seminar on youtube love it,your videos and site have helped me massively i really would love to attend your workshops i am in scotland though so will be tough to arrange.Next time you are in europe i would love to arrange to meet you if possible :-)

  6. 26Ed Weidman says

    Neil, best wishes in the New Studio. It looks great! You’ve been a real help to my learning Portrait Photography and using your Black Foamie Thing. Kindest regards. Ed Weidman

  7. 28 says

    The windows face north-east. So yes, a lot of window light.

    I have most of the lighting gear I’d want. In other words, our house have been very crowded up until now with all the equipment stashed here. I just need a few more items still.

  8. 32Lanthus Clark says

    Congratulations Neil! Keep us posted as you get set up, I’m interested to see what you do with the space. :-)

  9. 35Trev says

    Great news it’s finished.

    Now, if only this couch was not so . . . well . . . comfortable, I’d be up and working. :)

  10. 40 says

    Hi Neil,

    Did you get the 7′ retractable banners you use for trade shows locally or did you use an internet company? I’m looking to get several of these made for myself.

  11. 42 says

    Welcome, Neighbor….looks STELLAR, even with all that intimidating gear of yours!

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

    Best wishes in your new space!


  12. 43plevyadophy says

    I have been following your blog for ages and ages and have learnt so much from you (it was you who made me no longer scared of flash), and I am so so so happy for you that you have this space as I know how expensive, stressful, and difficult to obtain a studio space can be plus I guess it’s almost every serious photographer’s desire (to have their own studio space).

    Also, from the photos, you are clearly blessed with a strong feminine side; coz the lovely layout and homeliness of your studio is far better than the garden shed laddish layout I would have in such a place.

    The space looks awesome. I just hope it ain’t costing silly money ……….. and if it is, I hope you earn enough to pay for it three times over. :o)

    Well done, and I wish you many happy and prosperous years in your new space.

    Warmest Regards,


  13. 45Rolf says

    For what you have shared over the years – I wish this new enterprise pays you back many, many times over. ALL the best!!!

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