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September 1, 2014

photography workshops for 2014

Working from my studio now, instead of a rented studio in New York, I made a few changes for 2014 and onwards. Working with a smaller group than before – the workshops are now limited to 6 people – and working within my own studio with more equipment readily at hand, gave the workshop a relaxed tempo. The material is always streamlined a little bit more, from workshop to workshop.

There will be only two more workshops for the rest of 2014, which will take place on:

  • Sept 21, 2014  (Sunday)   sold out
  • Oct 26, 2014  (Sunday)

Book a spot at one of the workshops. Each class will be limited to 6 people!

If you would like an individual workshop, or a personal tutoring session, those are available as well throughout the year, depending on both of our schedules. The studio is only 17 miles from Manhattan. Just a short hop from New York and quite accessible by bus. Oh, and there’s parking at the studio. Free parking.

If you are limited in how far you can travel, there are Skype sessions and also video tutorials to help you get a much better understanding of photography and lighting techniques.


high-speed flash sync / auto FP .. vs .. normal flash

There have been a number of questions about high-speed flash sync (HSS), and how it affects the output from your flash.  There were also some questions asked about high-speed flash sync with this recent post where we tried to reverse-engineer a photo.

I decided to do a series of comparison photos, so we can actually see what happens before, at and beyond maximum flash sync speed.  And we can also see what happens with high-speed flash sync. To do this, I set up very simple portrait lighting using a single speedlight and a large umbrella.  A simple white paper-roll backdrop, and our model, Rachel. Here is the setup in my dining room …

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flash photography workshop in New York

Aleona was one of our striking models at the recent 2-day flash photography workshop held in Jersey City and Manhattan.  The setting here was in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, with Manhattan in the background.  The challenge was to overcome the hard sunlight with a small speedlight … and still make it look good.

The flash photography workshops have undergone certain changes over time – the material and sequence of material are always honed over time. The biggest recent change is that the workshop has expanded with an optional 2nd day where we play around further with on-location lighting. The first day is still the intensive workshop – the combination of seminar and practical sessions where we cover everything thoroughly.  The first day takes place in a hotel in Jersey City with a magnificent view of Manhattan.  (It is right next to the Path station, so it is easily accessible for anyone coming from Manhattan or Brooklyn.)

The second day is where we have fun, and walk around with two models, and try different backgrounds and lighting scenarios. So that’s the workshop now … 2 days, with the first day an intensive 10 hour workshop, with two models.  The next day is the application of that, and we roam around the Meat-Packing District in Manhattan with two different models.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made it a success.  And a big thank you to our four models.  For anyone who might be interested, the next workshop series is coming up in July.

As an aside:  the two recent posts on combining video light and ambient light and photographic composition in editing, both featured images from this workshop …

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