How to position off-camera flash

How to position off-camera flash

How to position off-camera flash

One of the most frequent (but easily corrected) mistakes I see when photographers use off-camera flash, is that they didn't position the flash in relation to their subject. They simply place the flash to the side (and often at a too-extreme 90 degree angle from their own position), with the flash too low in height. Your subject's  Read more inside...

Off-camera flash: rim-lighting and using flare


Off-camera flash: rim-lighting and the intentional use of flare

For these promotional photos for aspiring model twins, Carina and Carolina, we went to a park. There are certain things I look for when working on an location, that I know will immediately give me a better chance at successful portraits.  My book, Lighting and Design for Portrait Photography, looks at  Read more inside...

review: Bolt VB-22 bare-bulb flash

review: Bolt VB-22 bare-bulb flash

review: Bolt VB-22 barebulb flash

These are good times for photographers who love using off-camera flash. There are more and more options coming out for us to choose from and use. B&H has rebranded their own version of a popular series of flashguns. The Bolt VB-22 bare-bulb flash (B&H) looks like the Cheetah Light CL-360, and the Godox Witstro  Read more inside...

High-speed flash sync (HSS) with the Profoto B1 flash

High-speed flash sync (HSS) with the Profoto B1 flash

The already impressive Profoto B1 500 W/s AirTTL flash (affiliate) became even more awesome in Dec 2014 when high-speed flash sync (HSS) capability was added through a firmware update. The photo above was taken at 1/2000 @ f/1.4 @ 100 ISO. I wanted that super-shallow depth-of-field, and I wanted the  Read more inside...

photography: gelling flash & post-processing for deep blue skies

photography: gelling flash for late afternoon sun (& deep blue skies)

The warm light from the nearly-setting sun, accentuated with gelled flash. Towards the end of the recent photography workshop, we were shooting on the rooftop - the warm tone of the sunlight contrasting beautifully with the blue sky. To punch it even more, we added gelled flash via an  Read more inside...

on-location portraits – when simplicity counts

on-location portraits - when simplicity counts  (model: Anelisa)

This is one of those images - a portrait which is simplicity itself - and yet there is something about it, with Anelisa's riveting gaze and her pose, the muted complimentary colors - and the photograph just falls together somehow in a way that makes it one of my favorite photos that I've shot in a while.  Read more inside...

how to use flash at sunset, (balancing flash w/ warm ambient light)

gelling your flash for the warm light at sunset

Since the light from a speedlight is relatively quite cold, (ie, blue-ish), it can create an unpleasant color cast when you use flash with existing warm ambient light. A typical problem situation would be the Incandescent environment that we often find ourselves in at night. But there are other times when the WB from our  Read more inside...

photo session – Modern Gypsies – golden birds

photo session - Modern Gypsies - golden birds

Another series from the recent publicity photo session with the Modern Gypsies, with two of the girls in costume, as golden birds. With costumes this detailed and complex, I wanted a simpler background. One that didn't intrude, and somehow complemented the subjects. Classic architecture! Here are the behind-the-scenes  Read more inside...

off-camera flash with a small softbox

off-camera flash with a small softbox

Most of the images shot as part of the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG lens review, were with available light only. But for one sequence, I used off-camera flash. I didn't intend carrying a lot of equipment, so I stripped it down to the minimum. That meant forgoing my usual softbox, the Lastolite EZYBOX 24×24"  Read more inside...