Dramatic lighting effects for portrait photography

dramatic lighting effects for portrait photography

Dramatic lighting effects for portrait photography  (model: Jessica Joy)

For this dramatic Hollywoord Glamor inspired portrait sequence of Jessica, I used two Litepanels Sola 4 LED fresnel lights (affiliate). But there's more that happening here with the lighting than just the main light and the rim light. There is the splash of color in the background,  Read more inside...

Creative portrait photography on location

creative portrait photography on location

Creative portrait photography on location - allowing opportunities to happen

There was an interesting challenge for me during a recent individual photography workshop in NYC - Don (who arranged the workshop), already knew the essentials of lighting techniques, and said what he really wanted was insight into the way that I see a photo before I take it.  How do I know  Read more inside...

father and son portrait – deconstructing a photograph

deconstructing a portrait photograph

My friend, Chuck Arlund, visited New York with his son Lachlan, for a few days. At the end of the trip, I had a short opportunity to photograph them. Since this is Chuck, whom I greatly admire, and his son (who is so used to a camera by now), I wanted to come up with something outside of the usual guaranteed way of working with a  Read more inside...

photographic composition: working towards the final image

photography composition: working toward the final image

When I first immersed myself in photography way way back, it took me a while to realize that what I see in a magazine or book, isn't necessarily the first image. Those incredible images that can inspire us, (or even make us just want to give up photography), most often are not fully-formed masterpieces. Most  Read more inside...

finding that photo opportunity

finding that photo opportunity

We stumbled upon this opportunity for this portrait of Jessica, my infamous assistant with an attitude. The reception room for a wedding we were photographing had several large boxes of lights against the walls as a kind of light mural, with baubles inside that were lit up. And the back of each of these displays was a mirror ...  Read more inside...

home studio – portrait lighting setup in limited space (model – Kaylex)

home studio portrait lighting setup in limited space (model - Kaylex)

The photos in this article were shot with a fairly simple lighting setup in my dining room area. The main light to my left (model’s right) is the Westcott Bruce Dorn Strip Bank (18"x42") (B&H). The flashgun was a Quantum T2, but a speedlight would've worked just as well. In this small a space,  Read more inside...