Ultra-wide angle lenses with stabilization / vibration reduction


Ultra-wide angle lenses with stabilization / vibration reduction

The need for stabilization in the ultra-wide angle lenses, might appear to be a slightly redundant feature. After all, camera shake is less of a problem the wider your focal length. On a 16-35mm lens, it would really seem to not be that important. Now, I sometimes second-guess myself about what lenses  Read more inside...

Best softbox for on-location headshot photography

on-location lighting gear for headshots and portraits

Best portable softbox for on-location headshot photography

I vary the lighting kit that I use for on-location portraits and headshot photography. It could involve multiple lights, or a single-light setup on location. My choice of lighting is most often decided by how complex it need to be, and the logistics of getting to the location and setting up. More than  Read more inside...

photographers: Why use a high-resolution camera?

family & kids - NJ photographer

photographers: Why use a high-resolution camera?

The Nikon D810 (affiliate) is a camera that surprised me for how much I liked using it. The high resolution of this camera was a drawback for me initially. But it had very responsive AF. Also, super-crisp images because of the improved sensor and due to the lack of the anti-aliasing filter. Ergonomics. (I have  Read more inside...

best & worst photography purchases of 2014

best & worst photography purchases of 2014

best & worst photography purchases of 2014

Looking back every year, I'm sure you too are happy with some of your purchases you made in photography, whether gear or software or website related. Purchases that you love and made a difference to you as a photographer. But similarly there are also those purchases you regret. What was I thinking? I should've done my  Read more inside...

what else is in your camera bag?

non-photography goodies in my camera bag / roller case

Work as a wedding photographer isn't just about taking photographs of key moments, or about the photo gear. Often enough it is up to you as the wedding photographer to help guide the day's time-line and flow, and also just to help.  For me, wedding photography isn't just a passively observed event where I take  Read more inside...

Using tele-converters: extra lens compression for tighter portraits

Using tele-converters: extra lens compression for tighter portraits

One of the techniques to have your subject really stand out from the background, is to use the longest focal length on your 70-200mm telephoto zoom. One of the first things I do, is to zoom to maximum focal length, and then step backwards to find the composition … and then only zoom wider if  Read more inside...

screen protectors for your camera’s LCD

screen protectors for your camera's LCD

I try not to bang my equipment around, but there's also a limit to how ultra-careful you can be with your gear. A number of years ago - actually, decades - I knew a keen photographer who had top-end everything. He had swapped out his mint Nikon F4 for a mint Canon EOS-1n. He kept his cameras and lenses mint by not using them  Read more inside...

multiple speedlight / flashgun mounting bracket

dual or triple speedlight / flashgun mounting bracket

I use a multiple flash mounting bar during workshops where I need to have a diverse number of setups running simultaneously, but something more compact is also useful. In that article, I listed other flash mounting devices that allow multiple speedlights to be hooked up on one light-stand. Since then, I've  Read more inside...

promotion: Dream Strap

Dream Strap - comfy sheep-skin lined camera straps

Dream Straps are sheepskin-lined camera straps that are super-comfy. Just as importantly, is that they are strong, finely crafted, easy to attach and adjustable from 34-58 inches. All the good stuff we expect from camera straps. Sheepskin fibers provide breathable, luxurious comfort that synthetic materials just  Read more inside...

mounting multiple flashes / speedlites

how to mount multiple flashes / speedlites

Quite often, a single speedlight just isn't enough. You need more! You might need a smaller aperture than the single speedlight would provide (even at full power), or you might be battling very bright ambient light. High-Speed Flash Sync doesn't help you in that case. Then you need to add another speedlight. The mount /  Read more inside...