Lingerie photo session in the studio – lighting, light & textures

lingerie photo session in the studio – light, lighting & textures

Lingerie photo session in the studio - lighting, light & textures

This photograph of Melanie, one of my favorite models, is one of a sequence where we played with different lights and lighting styles in the studio. I wanted lighting that was both soft and dramatic. Both feminine and bold. The lighting is the same idea - using a big gridded strip-box / soft-box -  Read more inside...

bounce flash portrait & post-processing (model: Ulorin Vex)

bounce flash portrait & Photoshop retouching technique

When we were done with the studio shoot with Ulorin Vex, we still had a few minutes left, so I thought I could do a bounce flash portrait as well. Just for a comparison of sorts to show that on-camera bounce flash can give interesting results too. Here is the low-key portraits we did with the Profoto  Read more inside...

evening photo session in New York – Sarah & Mark

New York photo session with Sarah & Mark - off-camera flash

Sarah and Mark were in New York, dressed to the nines, to attend the Rockettes show. And while they were dressed up, and with some time before the show they were attending, we did a photo session. You might remember them as the couple in my book, off-camera flash. I've also photographed Sarah on other  Read more inside...

Mac: quick fix for Adobe Bridge CS5 / CS6 memory leak?

a quick fix for memory leak problems with Adobe Bridge (Mac)

While I do have Lightroom and Aperture, I have a preference still for using Adobe Bridge to view (and edit) individual images or groups of images. What makes Bridge easy, is that the edits (via the .xmp files), are read by both Lightroom and Bridge. There has been one problem that has been driving me  Read more inside...

high-key studio lighting / portraits – with Ulorin Vex

high-key studio portraits - with Ulorin Vex

One of the models that replied to my casting call for a model at my workshops in San Francisco in 2011, happened to be Ulorin Vex. I immediately recognized her, since I've seen photos of her in various portfolios. I was both surprised and very happy, since I regarded her as a bit of a superstar. I scheduled a photo session  Read more inside...

photo-processing for a film look – Nik Color Efex Pro 4

Photoshop plug-in for a film look - Nik Color Efex Pro 4

For a part of the individual workshop we did yesterday, Anelisa wore this cute outfit with a bit of a retro look to it. I loved her spontaneous pose here as well. In editing the image, I thought that an "old school" film look to it might suit the final photograph very well. In previous examples shown here  Read more inside...

Photoshop tip – easy effect for more punch to your images

Photoshop tip - easy effect for more punch

Here is a well-known Photoshop technique - one that I like and use on occasion. It desaturates the photograph, while also compressing the tonal range. It creates a modern look that also looks quite trendy. It is also quite easy to apply, by dragging the layers from a reference image once you've set it up. Starting with the  Read more inside...

Photoshop actions – the secret sauce to make your images pop

Photoshop fairy dust / Neil's secret sauce

As much as I believe in the "get it right in camera" ethos, it is near inescapable that most images can use some sweetening in Photoshop. My own preference is for fairly subtle retouching of photographs. The photograph above is one I've shown a few times as a great example of how good on-camera bounce flash can look. I did  Read more inside...

Photoshop actions to help with Post Processing after RAW conversion

Adrian, a regular follower of the Tangents blog, (better known as the ever-helpful Trev in the Tangents forum), has the guest spot this week. Adrian has expanded on his explanation of the actions that he mentioned in the comments section of the recent article on Selective Sharpening in Photoshop. Even better, he has made it available as two downloadable actions as well.

photo session – vintage pinup style (on location)

photo session - vintage pinup style (on location)

When the hot-rod show which didn't offer as much in terms of photography as I had hoped, Jill and I moved over to the pier in Brooklyn. Having a model in a retro sailor-suit type outfit ... well, it just seemed to good an opportunity to waste. I thought of perhaps using the Ice Cream Factory there as a backdrop to a  Read more inside...