video shoot

fun with the Kodak PIXPRO SP360 action camera

The kind people at Kodak sent me a Kodak SP360 action camera to try and see what I could create with it. Essentially this is a compact 1080p HD video camera which you can attach to things to take wide-angle action video clips. Perfect if you want to take breath-taking videos while scuba diving or free-falling from planes or being involved in all kinds of daring action. It would also be perfect as a dash-cam if you want to capture the next time a meteor comes soaring through Earth’s atmosphere.

I don’t scuba dive. (I live in New Jersey anyway.) I am really not up to sky-diving. And I can’t drive around New York and New Jersey for the rest of my life, on the off-chance I’ll be there when a meteor spectacularly comes down.

Instead, I thought it might be a fun thing to attach this video camera to a trombone slider while someone is playing … and get some funky footage as the video-cam slides closer and further away. You may remember Jonathan Arons from the NYC headshots photo session and the photos of him performing in a night-club. Well, that’s him in the video.

Jonathan very kindly indulged me in this and we shot several sequences of him playing his trombone out on the streets of New York, with the Kodak SP360 clamped to the trombone slider.

There was no other rationale behind this video clip than having some goofy, surreal fun.

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