updated flash photography page: flash + ambient light

updated flash photography page: flash + ambient light

When I posted the first few pages in 2006 on the topic of basic flash photography, I never expected it to snowball into a much larger website. Those initial few pages became the flagship articles around which the rest of the site hinged. But with an ever-increasing workload, and the desire to post newer articles, I haven’t had much time to update the original pages. I recently decided to start on those 15+ pages, and update them with newer images and also improve the text.

The page that has been updated, is the flash + ambient light discussion. I’ve expanded the page with more images, and finessed the text somewhat. While the material is familiar to the regular visitors to this site, the page was in need of drastic updating for the new visitors. Hopefully though, in covering the familiar topic, it might just help click things into place for some.

The photo above, is of a couple, Alli and Scott, whose New York photo session took place in Central Park, earlier this year. It is typical of how I use bounce flash to sweeten the contrast, and enhance the available light. I bounced the flash behind me into the large open area there. Enough light returned to brighten the shadows and make the photograph just that little bit more romantic.

I used another portrait of theirs to illustrate the updated flash + ambient light page.  I also used images from this photo session for the article on the technique of using lens flare for effect.

And that’s it … enjoy!


camera settings & photo gear (or equivalents) used during this photo session

  • camera settings: 1/60 @ f4.5 @ 800 ISO … on-camera TTL flash at 0EV

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  1. 1Jan says

    Excellent update, Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Its really appreciated. I keep re-reading all your tangents along with both your books. x

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